Thursday, February 01, 2007


Today and for some time, I've been hearing a lot of talk living in the spirit of the Seconed Vatican Council. For a lot of priests, religious, lay people there seems to be a confusion about what this means! It doesn't mean that we start playing Pope as a parish priest or that the parish council start acting like the council fathers. It doesn't mean that we have the right to start practising one part of the faith and not worrying about the rest of the obligations. No, it means to live in 'Fidelity' with the Church and alongside the Church. A long time ago, the Bishops of Scotland released a statement that went something like this;

"We will always walk with the Pope, never before him, or behind in, with always in unity and fidelity guiding our actions"

It seems as if many people, priests and maybe even a bishop or two has forgotten this.

I'm not having a rant, but I think that we need to understand this and live this more in the Church today. The Church is the only institution in the history of Mankind to stay and progress for such a long period of time, yet those who run comics like the Tablet think they know better. Think of the irrationality of one person coming along and knowing what is best. Martin Luther tried that and look what that did. Living the faith means living in fidelity to the Church and to Jesus Christ, whom by the Church is a sacrament which is a sign leading to Christ in the world. Live with her, love her and play your part in her life daily. Pray each day for the gift of Fidelity, its a mature prayer, one learned and experienced, but one that will leave you with a joy greater than anything this World can ever give you.



Anonymous said...

Good reference to the Tablet as a 'comic' although I would much prefer to read the latter. Your blog is great and it is a genuine source of consolation to know we have UK seminarians such as yourselves --- it's all too easy to get bogged down by the dreadfulness of 'the comic' and bafflement at why the Bishops/Cardinal don't ban it's sale in RC Churches....but we must not lose hope and you certainly help in not doing so. May God bless you all....persevere...

Orthfully Catholic said...

Thanks you.
Please pray for us!

Ken said...

The Beano and Dandy gave me much pleasure at a slightly earlier stage of life, so it is distressing to hear that poisonous pill, the Tablet, included in such illustrious company.One could think of a use for the Tablet, but there are softer options available in supermarkets.