Friday, June 29, 2007


Please find below a link to the Catholic News Agency reporting a story in 'Die Welt' concerning the release date of the long awaited Motu Proprio!

As one correspondent said plainly and simply in an e-mail with this link:

'Thanks be to God' or 'Deo Gratias' as we will be able to say again after 7th July!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't Panic, we're still here

Yes, after 24 days we at last have time to update our readers on our activities. Term ended yesterday after an incredible silent retreat given by a marvelous priest whose meditations on Orthodox Catholicism aroused a mixed response from, 'Two hours a day having to listen to some middle aged bloke ranting about the state of society and the Church today and blaming it on the 60's and 70's. What a waste of my time' to, 'Wow! What an incredible man, we need more priests like him in the Church today'.

After that came the three busiest days of the year when we saw the commissioning of two men to Candidacy, 6 men to the Lectorate, 4 men to the Acolytate and the ordination of 3 men to the Diaconate. These were done in three beautiful Masses, and followed by three fantastic festal meals. As I was Sacristan for the Candidacy Mass, receiving the Ministry of Acolyte at the Ministries Mass and Thurifer at the Ordination Mass (yes, that does mean no one could see their hand in front of their face) I was rushed off my feet for three days solid and have had a thumping headache since so it is a real joy to be doing absolutely nothing at the moment!!

Please keep all those who received Candidacy, Ministries and Sacred Orders in your prayers.

God Bless

Friday, June 01, 2007

Farewell Orthfully Catholic 1

Another Seminarian has left the blog but do not fear it will continue to run, although with less input than usual. Those of you who were confused about the seemingly schizophrenic blogger 'Orthfully Catholic' no longer need be as there is only one person who blogs under that name now.

Though things are going to be rather quiet round here from now on you can continue to expect the usual high quality writing there has always been at Orthfully Catholic.

God Bless.

Medjugorje Message

Message of May 25, 2007

“Dear children! Pray with me to the Holy Spirit for Him to lead you in the search of God’s will on the way of your holiness. And you, who are far from prayer, convert and, in the silence of your heart, seek salvation for your soul and nurture it with prayer. I bless you all individually with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”