Thursday, February 15, 2007

Woe to you!

I have been reflecting on Sunday's Gospel, especially the words:
"Woe to you when all speak well of you,
for their ancestors treated the false prophets in this way"

What comes to my mind is the temptation for Catholics to challenge Church teaching and follow secular ideas. How deceptive is such a temptation! It leads to a divided heart and eventually to people lapsing since it is so difficult to balance opposing views.

How many of us have heard people say "I'm Catholic but I don't agree with the Church on..."

I can honestly say that I have never met someone like this who is joyful. They always seem restless and lacking peace.
The people who, despite their difficulties, struggle to live according to Church teachings seems so peaceful and deep.

It has long been my opinion that pick 'n' mix Catholicism leads to shallowness and restlessness.

It's plain to me: You can't burn the candle at both ends!

I have often got into debates with religious sisters over the ordination of women. I quickly remind them of their vow of obedience and then firmly state: Roma locutus est causa finita!

Rome has spoken, case closed!

What we need is radical discipleship and that means radical obedience to the Magisterium since "he who hears you hears me!"

Today that means having the world speak ill of you. Who cares? Christ is the one who matters and He speaks to us through his Church.

God bless


Anonymous said...

I don't have much time to comment, so my automatic subscription to this will make me sound like a zealot.

However, it's true! Wanting to be faithful to that magisterium, to declare my support for it, has been one of the key drivers for me for reception into the Catholic church.

Mar said...

A major cause of this problem of pick 'n' mix is the lack of authentic catechesis. Instead they have received a 'formation' reliant on feelings and instruction from catechists and teachers who are either woefully ignorant or wilfully disobedient. Certain "Catholic" journals add to the problem whereby the 'thinking' or 'educated' Catholic is encouraged to disagree with the teachings of the Magisterium.
However the tide may be turning. The Maryvale Institute in the diocese of Birmingham has been invited into other dioceses in England to support catechists through their distance learning Certificate in Catechesis which has the approval of the Congregation for the Clergy in Rome. The parish of St Benedict, Ealing Abbey is hosting the study days for the diocese of Westminster. Checkout their website for other distance learning courses, all faithful to the Magisterium.

Andrew said...

Obedience is difficult when the conscience of a person is not properly formed.

I would like to cite the case of some religious sisters I know. They were trained and formed in those heady 1960's where everything was up for grabs, that some time SOON, Rome was going to allow women's ordination. Years and years later[imagine their frustration =)] when Pope John Paul came down against it, they still held hope that another Pope, whom they will pledge obedience too since he will agree with them, will reverse this definitive dogma.

They have no peace because of their improper formation, which sees the issue as one of justice and equality. They have no peace because this under this understanding that given them the hope that one day this injustice will be remedied.

The immense harm that those in authority had caused so many religious in those days can only be fathomed by God. Obedience, for those trained in those days, was definitely not a virtue.

One way to reach out to these people is to tell the truth in charity. I love Roma locuta est, cause finita est. But even in St. Augustine's day, the second part of the quote continues 'would that the heresy be finished as well'. But it was not to be. It took many years of toil and preaching and evangelical witness before all were once again converted. So must we, in our own day, give a defense for the hope we have and the faith we have received through God's Church.

We have the slow task of undoing years of resentment and a warped sense of equality. We have to root out the weeds of deceit that the enemies have planted with Catholic truth.

Only then can the flower of faith fully bloom in their hearts and they can finally have peace in the bosom of Mother Church.

Deo volente.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this essay! I have been trying to argue this very point, but it seems that for those who choose to disobey, they are not interested in being convinced.

Anonymous said...

the first thing that came to my mind after reading this was how many priests (especially homosexual priests who ALWAYS want to be accepted) will offer a bunch of fluff when they give their homily....they dont want to say anything that will offend their flock. But I believe Bishop Sheen said that we are to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable and of course our dear Lord's comments above. How many priests do you know talk about the need to go to confession fm the pulpit? Or talk about the last 4 things...or the devil...or hell?? Or heaven forbid talk about what the Magisterium teaches in regard to sexual morality!!? A true priest brings up these things.

Anonymous said...

First thing that came to mind to me was how many priests (especially the homosexual priests who do whatever they have to to be accepted) just give a bunch of fluff during their homilies. Oh, how they want to be loved by their flocks!!! So they just give fluff as opposed to the things that matter....talking about the need for a regular sacramental confession...some talk about hell, the devil, and pure/chaste/holy living. Woe to those priests who refuse to do the latter. See, I believe Jesus will judge a parish priest on what he did to sanctify his parish..if he only heard confessions for 15 minutes on the weekend...never talked about the sacriligious communions going on in his parish every Sunday, and never EVER talked about what the Magisterium teaches in regard to sexual morality, I dont think St Peter will let him through the gates. He's not in some kind of popularity contest..he has to do whatever he has to to get his church members to heaven. Saint John Vianney is the best role model.