Sunday, July 29, 2007

Faith Summer Session 2007

The Seminarians are all off to Woldingham tomorrow for the Faith Summer Conference. We will of course share all that we have learned upon our return. In the meantime keep us and all the participants in your prayers.

God Bless

Catholicism and Nazism

Fr Tim has an interesting post comparing the Catholic/Protestant divide in Germany with the Nazi/Democratic divide in the 1932 election. It interested me because I am often told Catholicism is bad because it produced people like Hitler (and a list of other 20th/21st century dictators)!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ecumenism in Sacred Scripture

Today's Office of Readings offered an interesting insight into how Christians should work with non-Christians and indeed eachother. The first reading was taken from 2 Corinthians 6:1-7:1 and one paragraph ran thus:

'Do not try to work together as equals with unbelievers, for it cannot be done. How can right and wrong be partners? How can light and darkness live together? How can Christ and the Devil agree? What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? How can God's temple come to terms with pagan idols? For we are the temple of the living God!'

This seems to suggest that ecumenical and inter-faith relations should be kept to a formal standard, not treating eachother as equals because obviously we are right and they are wrong and right and wrong cannot be partners. My favourite portrait of Martin Luther is where he is preaching and the Devil is speaking to him through an ear-trumpet. If Christ and the Devil cannot agree how can the Vicar of Christ and the followers of a religion formed by the devil agree?

In today's Gospel (Matthew 13:24-30) Jesus tells the parable of the farmer who's crop falls foul to the work of his enemy. The farmer (the Father) tells his servants (us) not to weed the crop in case any wheat comes with the weeds. Instead at the harvest (the Apocalyse) the reapers (the angels) will prepare the weeds for burning (Hell) before gathering the wheat.

Thus God permits all religions and those of no faith to live together until the end when he will sort the wheat from the weeds. Therefore it is dangerous for the wheat to equate themselves with the weeds.

I wonder how others might interpret those readings.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Prayers for a dead baby

Dear Readers,

A friend of mine received her first Grandson in February, unfortunately he was born with all his organs, bar his heart and kidneys, outside his body. This was expected as his Mother had regular check-ups while he was in the womb to follow his progress. While his Grandmother was at Mass today where the priest prayed for him he died in his Mother's arms in hospital, three days before he was due to undergo a major operation to place the organs back inside his little body. Obviously the little fella is in Heaven praying for his parents and Grandmother but I would be grateful if you could all add your prayers to his for the comfort of the family during this time.

Thank you and God Bless

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good Catholic Jokes

See Fr Justin's Blog for two of my favourite Catholic Jokes. Does anyone know any others?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

High Mass/Low Mass

Today I served the RCIA Reunion Mass, which was a very interesting experience. As it was attended by people who had come home through the RCIA programme the priest and catechists decided we should show them what home they had come to by having a Latin High Mass (Ordinary Form obviously) but the Music Directress didn't like this idea. When she was told the Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus Dei were going to be in Latin plainchant she shouted, 'Oh, shut up' and stormed out of the sacristy. She then jumped in at each of those times accompanying Paul Inwood style tunes on the electric keyboard. The only thing she couldn't put a stop to was the professional singer we had got in to sing 'Panis Angelicum' at Communion, however she did fight back by singing some happy clappy song straight afterwards.

One of our Lay Pastoral Assistants suggested to the priest that we mke that Mass our regular Traditional High Mass and Father agreed as long as he has enough people to help him keep it going, ie a Thurifer (that's usually me and obviously I can't be there every week), musicians who like Gregorian Chant. So keep my parish in your prayers that this will happen and will make a difference.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Exposition of Our Lord and God

See Fr John Boyle's blog for a beautiful post on Exposition and Adoration. It is mind-blowing, tear-jerking, and absolutely true. My favourite part is when it is said we should be nervous and tongue-tied before Him, as we would before the President, the Queen or the Pope, but we are not. Why is that? Why when I kneel before my God physically present in the monstrance do I not feel my hands clam up but rather pray and keep silence able to look at nothing else? Will I do the same at the Parousia when I stand before the Judgement Throne? Wow! I love my faith! I love my God! Jesus, I love you!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Missionary Priesthood

Many people often ask me if I'd like to join a missionary order and I simply answer, 'I am, England is most definitley mission territory.'

Today however I was chatting with my PP and he gave me another reason to realise I am studying for the missions. He said priests should spend no more than 3 years in a parish and if he were Bishop he would ensure that. I found this very interesting because it would solve a few complications such as the parish getting together to sign a petition when it comes to the time for Father to move on after 20 years or whatever. It would stop the parishioners seeing the priest as their mate and more as their priest, addressing him as 'Father' rather than their Christian name or even a shortened version of their Christian name. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my brothers at seminary when someone mentioned how the queue for confession shrinks dramatically when John becomes everybody's friend rather than the Parish Priest. I have actually seen this happen, a priest has been in the parish for 12 years or so, is invited to a parishioners house every night, calls them his friends and confessions are offered 15 minutes before Mass on Saturday evening because no one goes.

When my last Parish Priest was moved he told the people not to abandon the parish as a result because it was all part of the mission. At the time I laughed but now realise it is true, Jesus didn't send the apostles out and tell them to stay in the villages for 10 years, they went in to prepare the people for His coming and left again.

The only reason priests stay in parishes for so long, I think, is because there simply aren't enough of them to go around. This is another reason we must pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send labourers into the Harvest so that we can keep the mission going.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Such wide readership

I have today discovered readers of this blog come from wide and varied cultures. I received a couple of comments under 'Altar Boys v Altar Girls' calling me a sexist pig from a new blogger who is actively homosexual and uses their blog to tell the world about it. Interesting that nothing was said about my complete condemnation of homosexuality in another post.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Blog

If you look to your left you will see a new link to a new blog by Michael who is discerning his vocation. Take a look and add him to your favourites!


I'm sorry I've been away for a while but life has been quite busy, on Saturday I was at the CTS Conference, a Mass celebrated in the extraordinary form and at the seminary. On Sunday I went to visit my Grandparents. On Monday I was so busy I can't remember what I did now. Yesterday I went to visit a priest friend for lunch. Today I went to visit my old school for their prizegiving ceremony. I have written all that I thought might interest you below.

CTS Conference 2007

On Saturday I attended this historical event (the first CTS Conference in a long time and the first of many). The speaker was Prof John Haldane of St Andrew's University (btw can anyone tell me if St Andrew's is a Catholic University?) and he spoke on Christianity in Britain today.

He said Christianity faces four main problems in Britain today:

This is the reason there is such a negative reaction in the secular press concerning the CDF's latest document Responses to some questions regarding certain aspects of the Doctrine on the Church.

He also spent some time speaking about relations between Rome, Constantinople and Canterbury. He reminded us that Rome and Constantinople have told Canterbury that unless they give up ordaining women and active homosexuals their is no place for them at the table of ecumenical dialogue. He also said it is very important that Anglicans who want to be Catholic without joining Rome, stop, and Catholics who want to be Anglicans without joining Canterbury, stop. You cannot be both, you must choose one or the other!

It was a very good day and I look forward to next year.

Altar Boys vs Altar Girls

On Sunday I served two Masses (neither of which were my usual) because I had to visit my Grandparents during my usual and we had three new servers at the evening Mass with no experienced servers turning up.

At the early morning Mass were three girls, two relatively new and the third in the Guild. I have never seen such atrocious serving in my 18 years as an Altar Boy. They sat chatting during the Homily and Communion, the book bearer couldn't hold the book still, one of the acolytes during the Gospel held the candle with one hand and picked wax with the other, there was no respect for the MC - at one point I had a fight over the Baptism Oil with one of them because she would give it to me when I asked her to. All that with wandering aimlessly around the Sanctuary I wondered what they get up to when there's no adult with them. I had to give them a quick training session after Mass.

At the evening Mass three boys came to the Sacristy asking to serve as they had received their First Holy Communion a couple of weeks before. They were as good as gold, perfect, angels!!

Is this because of their gender? Is it just because the boys were so new? What is the secret behind the whole Boys v Girls on the sanctuary thing?

40 years of legal sin

Channel 4 are about to start a Gay Season to celebrate 40 years since the legalisation of Homosexuality. That's interesting, we're about to 'celebrate' 40 years since something else was legalised - Abortion! Could there be a link here? Was the devil wandering the corridors of the Houses of Parliament in 1967? Was he sitting in comfort at Number 10? I think so!

Elijah and the Ecclesial Communities

Inspired by Monday's Office of Readings my Parish Priest had a great idea to solve the problems with ecumenical dialogue, he suggested the Princes of the Church set up an altar and representatives of all the Protestant Ecclesial Communities set up an altar and each of them pray that God will set their altar alight, obviously the Catholics would call on the help of Our Lady and all the Angels and Saints and the Protestants would 'go straight to Jesus'. Whoever's altar is supernaturally lit is the one true Church and slaughters the opposing team.

What do you think?

Friday, July 13, 2007

I've been in Soapland again!

But then what else is there to do when the only other alternative on a Friday night is the parish Charismatic Prayer Group?

I watched this evening's episode of Hollyoaks. It was the double wedding of two sisters from the only Catholic family in the village. You can tell they are a Catholic soap family because all the women are, shall we say, generous with their love (the mother has 6 children by 6 men), the boy is homosexual and there is a tacky statue of the Sacred Heart in their living room.

Why am I devoting precious blog space to this? Because of the liturgical and canonical mishaps in the script. The priest was wearing a surplus and stole (Church of England vestments) and must have said Mass wearing this as well because after the vows they shot to Communion where two non-Catholics and two non-practicing Catholics received Communion on the tongue. Don't you just love half-hearted research? I can see the meeting now:

'Caflicks eat ve bread in veir mouvs don't they?'

'Yeah, I 'eard the vicar puts in straight in'

'Righ', that's what we gotta do they innit?'

'Yeah, alrigh''

God preserve us from the rich and ignorant!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Farnborough and the Motu Proprio

The Abbey Shop have a page dedicated to what every parish, priest and seminarian will need to celebrate, serve and attend Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

Parish Plans

I have just finished speaking to my Parish Priest about the Motu Proprio, he was away when it was published and so has only just read it (in Latin). He has decided to prepare the parish for 14th September by introducing regular Novus Ordo Masses in the Latin language, in the meantime he will learn to say the Tridentine Rite and so by the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross he will be able to introduce the parish to the Rite of Mass in the Extraordinary Form!

Deo Gratias!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Feast Day!

Today is a big day for many people.

Happy Feast to the Order of St Benedict.
Happy Feast to all Europeans.
Happy Feast to the Holy Father.
Happy Feast to all called Benedict.

St Benedict, Pray for us!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fr Benedict at Balham

Were you there last night? I was, and many of my brothers were too (these are great excusues for reunions).

What am I talking about? Fr Benedict Groeschel CFR was speaking at Holy Ghost, Balham again last night. It was incredible. He spoke on Psychology saying Britain has the highest rate of depression in the world and the most affected part of the British Isles is Ireland (my apologies to the Irish, I know Ireland isn't in Britain but our geography is quite confusing to some). The least affected country in the world is Nigeria. The reason for this? Faith! Britain is a pagan country, we are a Godless society. A society without God can only have the devil for its guide and the devil only brings depression with his lies. It is the truth that sets you free. My favourite quote of the entire evening had to be Fr Benedict's diagnosis of Henry VIII as completely mad.

After Vespers and Benediction led by Fr Stephen Langridge I took the opportunity to purchase some of Fr Benedict's wares, his new book 'The Virtue Driven Life', his booklet 'You are not Alone: Prayers in Dark Times' and his tape 'A Reason to Believe'.

Please keep Fr Benedict in your prayers, he is a very frail old man who has done so much to renew the faith and evangelise the youth. God Bless him!

CofE greater than Christ (apparently)

I was flicking through the channels while waiting for the 9:30 Mass to end so I could set up for the 11:15 and caught a section of 'The Heaven and Earth Show'. On it was a man in a dingy bar with crazy hair and a ring through his nose telling the viewers that churches and traditional liturgies are old fashioned and should have gone out with the ark. We should now be worshipping God in pubs, clubs and on the beach because that's where the people are now. Why should we give up valuable drinking time or surfing time to go to some boring church service when we can do it all where we are? That is why the Archbishop of Canterbury has allowed services to happen in bars and clubs and surf shacks for the evangelisation of the youth.

Yes, and that's also why Anglican churches are empty! The Catholic Press lately has been discussing the use of The Simpsons as a tool for evangelisation - well that's nothing compared to this. The problem with Christianity today is that people are so focussed on Jesus being their best friend that they forget He is God. Thus Protestant denominations think He should work around us rather than the other way around. We should give up drinking time for Him, we should give up our leisure activities for Him, HE IS GOD!!!!!

Motu Proprio Blog

A new blog has been created to help those who have any questions about the recent Motu Proprio, it is called Summorum Pontificum, surprisingly enough.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The aftermath

First of all thank you to everyone who has pointed our readers in the direction of the unofficial English translations. I only want to publish the official translation if an when it comes out.

I'm sure my Brother Seminarians and Father Priests have been put under the same spotlight as I have today concerning my opinion of 'the Pope bringing back the Latin Mass'. And I am sure they gave the same answer as I did. The Pope has not 'brought back' the Latin Mass as it never went away to begin with, and I am completely on the Holy Father's side in this matter.

The most interesting thing I have found is that the only complaint my parishioners had is the use of Latin, there was no, 'Why does the priest have his back to the congregation?' or 'Why is it silent?' but simply, 'Why Latin?' And I explained that the Second Vatican Council stated Latin is to remain the language of the liturgy but the vernacular may be used for ease of the laity and that this means ordinary parish Masses should be in Latin - even in the New Rite - but weddings, funerals etc, which might be attended by non-Catholics should be in the vernacular so that the guests understand what is going on. I also pointed out that the most important parts of the Mass such as the Liturgy of the Word must be in the vernacular (I was especially interested to note that Pope Benedict has included this rule in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass) for the ease of the laity. Their reply to this every time was, 'Oh, I didn't know that.' They all thought the Council had banned Latin (as indeed I did once upon a time)! I even had this conversation at the table of a parishioner with the missionary priest saying our Masses today and they all - including the priest - gave the same reply.

A lot of catechesis is going to have to be provided in parishes concerning the Motu Proprio.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

How's your Latin?

Typically there is no English translation as yet but here is the Motu Proprio in the language of God Himself!

Re: Certain Complaints

I have received a number of angry comments from a lady in America regarding the fact that I gave a reflection at the Eucharistic Service I led a few days ago. I have not published these comments because they are very bitter and quite frankly extremely right wing for this blog (she included a rant against the Permanent Deaconate, men who are validly ordained by Holy Mother Church to help priests with their pastoral ministry). Her last comment asked me to explain myself or she would report me to my superiors. So here goes ...

First of all may I say my superiors are aware of the existence of this blog and will inform me if anything I put on it is inappropriate.

The lady's complaint is that I preached without faculties. It is indeed true that I do not have faculties to preach. However, I do have permission from Holy Mother Church, as a Lector, to give a reflection during the Liturgy of the Word outside the Mass, and that is exactly what I did. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist can give a reflection when they take Communion to the sick.

Her second complaint is that I 'ad lib'ed the Rite by missing out the Kiss of Peace. Well, if you know your liturgy the Peace is actually a voluntary part of the Rite that the priest can miss out if he feels it is appropriate (I know perfectly orthodox priests who never use it - in fact it tends to be liberal priests who over use it) and the reason I left it out is because I made a mistake due to the ambiguity of the rubrics in the Rite I used and to include it would complicate matters for the people, especially those with disabilities. I would never ad lib a Rite, I hate it when people do, 'Say the Black Do the Red' will be written on my gravestone!

Another complaint the lady had was my use of the title Auxiliary Minister of the Eucharist. My Theology Professor could not be more orthodox if he tried. I have been in classes where he has gone red in the face defending the teaching of Holy Mother Church against the liberal students. He is equally orthodox to the Canon Law Professor yet they disagree over one minor thing and I happen to agree with the Theology Professor due to my status as a Seminarian. This is an arguable point which possibly doesn't have an answer, or if it does, can only be answered by the Holy Father himself.

I would like to remind all our readers that we at Orthfully Catholic are orthodox to the core, this is the reason we called our blog 'Orthfully'. Liberalism is on its way out and we are here to bury it at sea! As was written in an earlier post and as it says in the title of another widely read blog, we are neither more nor less Catholic than the Pope!

Part I of II

Here is a link to the Pope's letter to the Bishops explaining the Motu Proprio:

The MP itself is due to be published at 12 noon and I am going out for the day before then so other blogs will have to publish it before me but it will be on these pages before the day is out!

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Final Countdown

I've got you all doing the da-da-da-da-da's so I don't need to type them.


Anyhoo, the long awaited (how long has he been Pope now?) Motu Proprio is out tomorrow folks!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


1615hrs + Thursday 5th July = 2 days to go!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What a busy day!

Yes, today was the day. At 12:15 this afternoon I led my first ever Eucharistic Service - one former Seminarian and member of this blog labelled me a 'raving lib' when I called him this afternoon to tell him then I told him I left out the peace and he suddenly became 'so proud' of me.

I went to Mass at Nazareth House this morning as usual (I can't get enough of those veiled nuns). The service was well attended, even by those who had been to Mass with me - is it any wonder I'm so Trad having grown up in this parish! I decided I should show the people where their money was going and preached. I did a fantastic reflection showing that today's first reading proves the faithlessness of Islam because they claim their descent from Abraham through Ishmael his illegitimate son and we claim descent through Isaac his legitimate son and promised heir. I then went on to explain that today's Gospel shows that even the devil has faith because he used to be an angel and knows God as well as any other angel but his jealousy causes his so called faith to become hatred of God. God created us because He loves us and so we must have faith in our creator and love him as well. That's how it went in my head, when I opened my mouth all sorts of rubbish came out - including some heresy at one point when I think I said God loves us because He created us rather than the other way around, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, once I had recovered from that I prepared the altar for the Communion Rite. The rubric told me to transfer the Blessed Sacrament from the Tabernacle to the Altar so I told the congregation to sit while I did so. I got to the altar and discovered to my horror that I had to lead the 'Pater Noster' followed by the sign of peace - they were kneeling! So, I did the 'Pater Noster' and skipped the peace going straight to the 'Ecce Agnus Dei...' which had been translated literally from the Latin so while I was surprised I didn't argue.

After that I exposed the Blessed Sacrament, led the Holy Rosary, did an hour's Adoration, came back an hour later led the Divine Mercy Chaplet and reposed the Blessed Sacrament.

Its days like this when I truly believe God is calling me to priesthood. Please keep the prayers up for me and all Seminarians as well as for more vocations.

God Bless!

APGL Conference

There will be a conference hosted vy the Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life on Wednesday 11th July given by Fr Aidan Nichols OP at the London Oratory. See Fr Tim's blog for more details (after all he is the founder).

The Countdown continues

It is 1725hrs on Wednesday 4th July and there are 3 days left!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MP Countdown

Its 1655hrs on Tuesday 3rd July, which means there are 4 days to go!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Pray for me dear

While the Parish Priest is away and we can't get a replacement daily Masses are being said at Nazareth House. The Nuns still wear the veil and the chapel wasn't severely butchered at their re-ordering - in case you were wondering. After Mass I stood holding the door open for the wheelchairs to leave and the lady in the last chair, quite out of the blue, said to me, 'Pray for me dear'. Now, that is quite a responsibility, she didn't know me from Adam and yet something must have moved her to make that request.

Its moments like that which make me realise just what I'm taking on at seminary and what exactly God is asking of me. It was an absolute privilege to pray for that lady this evening and offer up my Rosary for her intentions.

Dear readers, please pray for her too.

Life as an Acolyte

Since receiving the Ministry of Acolyte I have been having some rather beautiful experiences. I first exercised my Ministry the night I received it by exposing the Blessed Sacrament for the first time. Usually I sit in the chapel glancing at the monstrance every now and them but spending most of the time looking at anything else but. That evening, however, I could not take my eyes off the Sacred Host spending the entire hour in disbelief of what I had just done. When I reposed the Blessed Sacrament I went into the sacristy trying to hold back the tears.

Since coming back to the parish I have been busy because the Parish Priest is away at the moment so I have been doing everything but say Mass. This has included exposing and reposing the Blessed Sacrament, leading the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Sacristy duties, opening and closing the church, answering the phone and door and on Wednesday I will have my first Eucharistic Service under my belt (I swore I would never do this but it was either me or a Pastoral Lay Assistant - tough choice). The most beautiful experience I have had was today when I took Communion to a man in his home. Apparently he had wanted someone to take Communion to him for ages but word hadn't got to the parish until last week so I said I would take it to him. When I got there I was greeted so warmly both by him and his non-Catholic wife. I went through the Rite hoping I wasn't going too fast or getting anything wrong and he spent the entire time looking at the pyx and the smile that appeared on his face when I opened it up was incredible. Afterwards he thanked me over and over and over again. I went home thanking God for this wonderful opportunity to bring Him into that man's home and give him the Communion he had been wanting for so long. That was the first time I had ever done that without shadowing a priest, what a beautiful first time it was.

What has happened to the Redemptorists?

Check out Nova et Vetera for a post on Reality Magazine. I also had a copy come through the Presbytery door this week (well alright the Parish Priest did but he's away at the moment and I'm doing all his work so I'll open his post). Flicking through it - I daren't read it, it might affect me in some horrific way - titles of stories jump out at me such as:

Goodbye to all that: Why young Catholics are leaving the church and how the church is fighting back. Well, we'll leave the double use of the word 'church' with lower case c's for now and simply ask, are young Catholics leaving the Church? Everywhere I go I see young people, the Church is getting younger and younger with each passing year. Young men are filling the seminaries again, monasteries and convents (where they wear the veil of course) are getting younger vocations. Perhaps the young people are leaving Fr Moloney's (or Gerard as he'd rather be addressed) parish because he's not giving them what they're looking for - good, solid, orthodox teaching.

Shackled by clericalism: The Catholic Church has become so dependent on the ordained ministry that lay people have been largely sidelined. Well two things Fr Flannery, sorry, Tony, why are you a priest if you have a problem with the ordained ministry? And, of course the Church is dependent on the ordained ministry, we can't receive the Sacraments without it and we can't obtain Salvation without the Sacraments!

And the best of them all ...

Let's get in touch with God's feminine side: To use only male imagery to describe God, as the church does, is to devalue women, who are just as much God's creation as men. This doesn't even merit comment!

Motu Proprio Countdown

In order to get some regular posts and because I think it'd be really cool I am going to lead an official countdown to Saturday and try to be the first blog to post a link to the Vatican's website with the long awaited document whether it be in Latin, English or any other language.

So at 1955hrs on 2nd July 2007 we officially have 5 days to go!