Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Times

Has anybody seen the front page of this illustrious newspaper today?

Apparently the Catholic Church in England and Wales is about to be the most populated Church since the Reformation. The Anglican Communion is denying it of course but the number of immigrants from Catholic countries has reached such a level that our parishes are teeming once again whereas those Ecclesial Communions whose members are all natives are struggling to fill their parishes. On top of that people are converting to Catholicism in droves over subjects such as women priests, gay marriages etc.

Perhaps Mr Blair is doing the Catholic Church some good after all!

God Bless the Church and all Her members!


Anonymous said...

It ties in in an interesting way with the Anglican Primates meeting in Dar-es-Salaam, and the purported impending breakup of the Anglican Communion. Maybe if there is a Catholic resurgency, those Catholic-leaning Anglicans will set sail across the Tiber?

David Palmer said...

Amen... I also couldn't resist gloating about this on my blog! (shameless plug)