Saturday, February 10, 2007

An effective fight against Aids

I read an article on EWTN news today concerning a nun in Zambia who stated categorically: "Condoms don't work"

This brings two thoughts to my mind at this moment.
The first is just how prophetic the Magisterium of the Catholic Church is and how right she is on these matters.

The second is how wonderful it is to hear of the witness of a dedicated religious. Thank God for the likes of Sister Maria Crucis Beards!

Let us pray that many in the world, together with those in power will wisen up and see that diseases such as Aids will only be effectively removed with dedicated CHASTITY! It's obvious that if you're chaste you're extremely unlikely to catch a sexually transmitted disease! Logical, I think. D'OH!

Take a look for yourselves at EWTN news:

God bless


Andrew said...

The thing I don't get is this.

People keep on dissing the Church for promoting abstinence and faithfulness to one's spouse (whoch work by the way) and for prohibiting condoms in the fight against AIDS.

If they don't listen to the Church when She teaches abstinence and chastity, what makes them think that they're listening to Her prohibition of condoms? If someone is going to go out and have sex regardless of the Church's stand, I don't think they're suddenly going to adhere to the prohibition on condoms.

catholicandgop said...

One thing I've noticed that makes me sad is that other Christians often think the Church's position on contraception is wrong, especially in the fight against AIDS. Stories like this remind me that condoms really haven't helped the fight despite what some say and that there are those out there who say that abstinence works. I believe the first lady of Uganda agrees that abstinence is the way to go as well because it has been successful in reducing AIDS there.