Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm giving up smiling for Lent

Actually, I think that would be far too challenging. Instead, I'm giving up using the internet (except for essential academic research and occasional email) so as to give the time to prayer. As I'm taking a pre-Lenten retreat, this will be my last post until mid-April. Although the quantity of posts on this blog may decrease slightly as a result, this will be more than compensated for by the dramatic increase in average quality of posts!

Cum quo enim Deus est
nunquam minus solus est
quam cum solus est.

Tunc enim libere fruitur gaudio suo
ad fruendum Deo in se
et se in Deo.

He with whom God is
is never less alone
than when he is alone.

For then he can enjoy his joy,
then he is his own
to enjoy God in himself
and himself in God.

William of Saint-Thierry


Mac McLernon said...

Some of my students a few years back suggested that I give up teaching for Lent... I pointed out that my teaching was actually their penance!

John Browne said...

I don't know what I am going to give up for Lent. I'm afraid I failed miserably last year when I gave up beverages of an alcoholic nature.

I think this year, I will do something extra; like give an extra half hour to meditation each day, or somehting similar.

By the way, an Anglican friend of mine has Blogged about "Saint" King Charles I, and I find the whole thing rather baffling. Perhaps you might be able to leave a comment on it?

Mac McLernon said...

john, it doesn't matter that you failed, at least you gave it a go. In Lent we are called to prayer almsgiving AND penance. Giving something up is a sacrifice... try to give something up as well as the extra half-hour meditation.

catholicandgop said...

I always try to give up pop, but I'm already limiting myself on it anyway so I don't know if that will fly this year. But the internet, thats a rough one, I wouldn't make it 2 days. ;)

Andrew said...

I really liked the quote from William of Saint-Thierry.

It reminded me of Pope Benedict's catch phrase that He who believes in never alone.

May your retreat lead you to a Blessed and Prayerful Lent.

I might give up commenting instead =)

Ma Beck said...

I'm thinking about giving up TV. I hate it anyway.

Seriously, if I give up TV, I want to take on something extra, too.
Last year, I went to daily Mass, and it really changed me.