Sunday, February 18, 2007

With Christ I hang upon the Cross...

St. Paul in his letter to the Galatians makes a statement which in itself is profound. "With Christ, I hang upon the Cross". In that one brief statement St. Paul shows us how our suffering is united to that of Jesus himself.

Sometimes when things go wrong we can forget that we suffer with Jesus. It is not Gods will for us to suffer however He allows us to - that is a consequence of free will.

Something to remember when you find it tough is that God will give you the grace and strength necessary to get through, you must abandon yourself into His loving arms and say those words which are the very banner of Divine Mercy - "Jesus I trust in You". Offer your suffering for all those who have not found their way, offer it for those souls who await the day when they will meet Our saviour face to face. Always be sure that in that Darkness, when you feel as if you have nothing, you are like that mustard seed about to burst open with an abundance of new life, not just any new life, but a new life in Christ. And in that transformation, you will discover the path to Holiness.


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