Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lovely Lent

As a teenager I hated Lent. Even now there is a certain amount of shuddering that passes down my spine. But now I know it's just my fallen nature rebelling against that much maligned word: penance.

Seriously, Lent is lovely. It's a fresh opportunity to tell Our Lord and His Blessed Mother that we love them and that we are sorry for our sins.

Father Tim Finigan's blog, the Hermeneutic of Continuity, has something on tough love and fasting. Amid the humour he makes a serious point: fasting is important and penance shows our love.

Perhaps we might take up a good old fashioned fast of just bread and water for the Fridays of Lent. Not to mention avoiding meat on the Fridays of the penitential season. This is what I have decided to do, if my spiritual director permits me.

We can offer up our penances for so many things: sin, conversion, vocations, family, friends, Holy Souls, the dying, the Pope, priests etc. There are just so many intentions. And the graces that will flow from it will be literally unbelievable!

So why not try it, if your health permits. And if I may be so bold, please remember the sinners at Orthfully Catholic in your sacrifices. Heaven knows we need them!!!

God bless


Andrew said...

For Chinese Catholics all over the world, we are very grateful that the Chinese Lunar New Year does not fall on Ash Wednesday or within Lent this year as it had in the past.

Fasting and abstinence can be very difficult when Ash Wednesday falls on the biggest Chinese holiday of the year(and one which happens to last for 15 days!) and all your family and friends and partying all around you. It's like trying to fast on Christmas!

Here's wishing you a prayerful and blessed Lent.

Anonymous said...

I was never made to observe Lent as a child because we were Anglicans. This year, especially with my reception into the Church, it's very important.

I also plan to meditate on the Stations of the Cross.