Saturday, February 03, 2007


I was at a wonderful funeral this morning. Not wonderful in the sense that we were joyful, far from it, but wonderful because it was a moving tribute to a man with a heart full of Love for God.

I knew this man because his two daughters are friends with my two sisters. He fostered over 200 children in his life and this stopped when his wife died, however even though he lost his company, his wife and everything else, he grew stonger in faith and Love.

My parish priest said that it was his Love for Mary, which helped him become the greatest father, because he modelled her in love for his own. I thought that was a remarkable thing to say. He had a tremendous love for Mary and a deep devotion to her. So much so that he would go round shops and houses asking for spare rosaries so that he could send them to people who did not either know or practice in their faith. Its estimated he sent thousands both within the UK and abroad. Father revealed that in the mans life his devotion to the sacred heart gave him a deep consolation and joy because in that way he understood where he was going.

I think we should all try and rediscover that zeal which we should all have in our faith and take our faith to the world.



Anonymous said...

yes yes, the Zeal with Wisdom ,of The Holy Spirit
Hello, i hope its ok that i linked your blog on my little one?
if not let me know..peace in Christ!

Orthfully Catholic said...

Thank you for your link Apostolic Catholic. We will of course return the favour.

Anonymous said...

and thank-you again, just a slight correction, the url link has only one 'c' in apostolicatholic...thanks

Orthfully Catholic said...

Sorry about that. It is now sorted and the link works.

Pastor in Valle said...

What a wonderful example! With just a couple of parishioners like that, one could do so much for the Lord.

Ma Beck said...

God rest his soul.
What a wonderful man.