Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Resistance and the beauty of the family.

Many of you will have heard that Tony Blair is not willing to give the Catholic Church an exemption in the gay adoption issue. So here we are on Orthfully Catholic to encourage our brethren to keep up the good fight and resist in any way you can.

The government is effectively discriminating against the consciences of Catholics and other religious groups. Our duty, after much prayer, is not to bow down before any form of dictatorship. This government, to quote the Cardinal, is laying down "new moral norms".
We must resist this attack on family values and our consciences. Indeed, as the Cardinal has said, most people would agree that the best environment for raising children is with a mother and a father who are together. The family matters! This is what our motto must be. The family matters!

At this most crucial time in the fight for the sanctity and beauty of marriage and the family may we point our readers to Matt and Wendy Doyle's blog:

Wendy Doyle recently gave birth to a daughter, Madeleine . Thanks be to God!

This is what a family should be. With the grace of God little Maddy will grow and develop in family with a mother and a father. What stability for a future member of our society and the Church! Praise God!


Anonymous said...

Muggins is of course thinking "what can we practically do"?

Michael Petek said...

Back to penal times eventually, I suppose. How long will it be before the New Secularists confiscate Westminster Cathedral and turn it into a supercasino?

Anonymous said...

Michael, that's wicked! ;-)