Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Who says there aren't any young vocations ?!?!

Well there seems to be plenty here: www.sistersofmary.org
And guess what? They adore the Blessed Sacrament and live like REAL nuns. Strange, eh?


antonia said...

Amen! beautiful blog!

God Bless,

I'm praying for you guys daily. Thanks for your generosity in saying 'yes' to God's call.

From one little lay person who is really really really really greatful and thankful for your vocation & fidelity!


Brother Monk said...

It is good to know that some Communities are getting vocations, but sad to say not all. For example, the Cloistered Bridgettine Nuns of Syon Abbey in England ... the ONLY Monastery that can trace itself back to pre-reformation England that still survives to this day ... but for how long? The good Lord only knows. The monastery is "dying" and please whoever reads this pray that the Lord sends them vocation candidates. The Community suffered much from the reformation, but survived!!! I hope and pray that their community will continue to survive and bear witness for a long, long time. Check them out here http://www.kellerbook.com/today.htm


I love the blog, but beware! Don't le what happened to a friend of mine happen to you. He is a Dominican and had an anonymous blog. His superiors found out and delayed his ordination to deaconate!

Orthfully Catholic said...

Thanks for all your encouragement and advice. We've added your blogs to our list. Let's keep each other in our prayers.
God bless you all,
The Seminarians

Augustinus said...

Just to repeat what others have said. It's great to know we have you guys saying 'yes' to God, but please heed the advice of the Indolent Server. God bless.