Monday, November 13, 2006

Iraqi boy crucified, the "P.C" Press and the attack on Christianity

Many of you may have heard about this horrific act commited in Iraq. Perhaps many haven't. I learnt of it from the Catholic papers we have here in the UK. However, unless I am mistaken, there has been no mention of it in the Secular press. Hmmmm. Very interesting! In this age when everything has to be "PC" (although I personally think there is very little which is "PC" about Political Correctness!) it is surprising to note that anything which may rock the "PC" boat is simply ignored. The battle rages on in Great Britain where the Islamic community are concerned. Christmas is now considered to be "not very PC". By whom? The Muslims? Errr, actually no! But by people with a certain subversive agenda in this CHRISTIAN country. Recently a poll showed that most Muslims don't care if Christmas is called Christmas. In fact the front page of the Telegraph today (13th Nov) carries a report that Muslims actually want Christmas to be LEFT ALONE.
Isn't it interesting that this comes about at the same time as the release by the Royal Mail of the so called "Christmas" stamps? All complete with things central to CHRISTmas, such as Santa Claus, Snowmen (though it virtually never snows here thanks to toxic emissions and global warming!), reindeer and JESUS.

"No, wait a minute we can't have HIM on there! That's not P.C! Oh no, we'll offend other religions. Lets just stick with the fat Coca Cola man invented before P.C was even considered part of the English Language. Let's stick with Reindeer and Snow. Yes that's right. They won't offend anyone"

What about CHRISTIANS??? Has anyone ever considered that it might just be a little UN P.C to be tearing apart one of their major feasts, especially when Muslims and the like don't give two hoots?

But I sense an uglier beast afoot! What is the real reason for this? Could it be that Christianity(Esp. the Catholic Church), the faith and religion which gave modern Europe its cultural heritage, with its unrelenting proclamation of ETERNAL truths is considered a threat? A threat to those who hold (such as the RCOG) that life is at our disposal and that there is nothing sacred about it?

The REAL problem which these forces have with the Catholic Church is that it won't shut up! It is the single most powerful voice in support of the family (yes with a REAL MAN and a REAL WOMAN making babies and raising them as healthy citizens of Society!), sexual morality, the absolute sanctity of life from womb to tomb and true justice.

It all amounts to the fact that actually Catholicism is very inconvenient for a number of people with an agenda intent on the destruction of Western Society, warping it to suit their own whims.

Our duty as Catholics is to stand up for our faith. Not only on the various blogs (and the ones I've visited so far are fantastic) but with our deeds. First let us pray for the Church, the Pope and the Magisterium and for the conversion of those who persecute the truth. But also lets us make decisive acts which show our faith and our love for it.
Let us be determined to put up cribs at CHRISTmas. Let us boldly proclaim the Incarnation of God the Son. Let us send Christmas Cards which show forth this beautiful mystery (i.e no fat blokes with a red coat that looks like he nicked it out of a charity shop!). And let us NOT buy those wretched "P.C" stamps produced by our "beloved" Royal Mail!
Remember CHRISTmas is about Jesus. Let's proclaim that two THOUSAND year old truth of the Incarnation of our Lord, God and Saviour. A TRUTH so central to our precious faith and so important for the Salvation of many souls!

Let us stand up for truth making sure that atrocities such as a the crucifixion of a teenage boy in Iraq are not ignored simply because they are inconvenient to the so called "P.C" agenda.
God bless


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Welcome to the blogosphere boys! God bless you in your vocations.

Orthfully Catholic said...

Thanks! May God bless you in your wonderful calling to belong to Him alone!
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