Monday, November 20, 2006


I think that the most important thing that we can do today is Evangelise. The best way to envangelise is through prayer and witness. Witness must be based on a solid prayer life. People will be able to tell if we are men and women of prayer.

Not too long ago a few of us met Father Benedict Groeschel. Anyone there that night will remember his charm, his humour and, of course, his holiness. That's the key to evangelisation. Reflecting on the evening with Father Benedict alerts me even more to two areas in my life:

First, prayer. I need to spend a DAILY amount of time with Jesus. I prefer to be before the Blessed Sacrament but most important is to do it. I need to be with Him in the Scriptures, the Rosary (through His mother's eyes and heart) and especially in the Holy Mass.

Second, is formation. Many good and prayerful Catholics simply don't read enough. They don't know their faith. It is absolutely vital that Catholics are clued up on what the Church teaches.
An obvious starting point is the Catechism. But also the Papal encyclicals and writings. One book I am reading at the moment is Spirit of the Liturgy by Pope Benedict XVI.

That evening with Father Benedict was very inspirational for me. He asked us if we knew a book called The Lord by Romano Guardini. I realised that arrogantly I thought I knew enough about my faith. Is that true? I now realise not!
At the top of this blog you read that we are a group of Seminarians who are dedicated to Holy Mother Church, the Magisterium and the Pope. I can't speak for my fellow Seminarians who contribute to this blog, but I for one am culpable of being that only in name.
I need to grow in my faith by means of prayer (esp. the Sacraments) and by formation. I believe that this applies to all Catholics, not just those training for priesthood and religious life.

The Catholic faith is amazingly beautiful. It's so deep, rich and yet humbly simple. Then let's put out our nets for a catch!
And, as Father Benedict cried out, Pray for the Pope!


Anonymous said...

Interesting Blog - and interesting observation. Wondering why what you suggest is not part of all Seminary formation?

Orthfully Catholic said...

It is a part of seminary formation. The question is on how much you engage in it. We have to take an ACTIVE interest in our formation. In the seminary we are given formation but are also reminded that Pastores Dabo Vobis tells us that the seminarian is the agent of his own formation. The evening with Father Benedict Groeschel made me realise that I personally need to love my own formation more deeply.

Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

Thank you for your honest post and reflections. I pray for you and your fellow seminarians and ask you, of your charity, to please prayer for me and my brothers.