Thursday, November 09, 2006

Our Persecuted Brethren

As many of you may know the Church in the Middle East, especially in Iraq is having a bit of a rough time. According to EWTN, Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk, Iraq is calling Christians to solidarity at this most difficult time. Christians in Iraq are being urged to stay where they are and be strong, overcoming the differences they have as much as possible. The Christian communities, some of which extend back to the time of Our Lord, are dwindling fast. One major concern for their leaders has been to stem the flow of emigration. Christians are fast becoming a persecuted minority in the Middle East. If those precious communities vanish a beautiful and vital link with Our Lord will have been extinguished there. Our duty in the West is to pray for our brethren who suffer at this terrible time. Small though they be, they are nevertheless lanterns burning to the glory of Jesus Christ. They are a witness to the Crucified Christ and an invaluable source of grace for the World and the New Evangelisation. We can support them with our prayers. Let us pray that during this their Good Friday they may experience the power and strength of the Resurrection


catholicandgop said...

This cannot be said too often. Thanks for the reminder.

Orthfully Catholic said...

Thanks catholicandgop! There has been a terrible story of a boy crucified in Iraq. We really have to pray about this!