Monday, November 13, 2006

Elton John and organised religion

I was looking at the BBC's website (yes it is permissible for a Catholic to do that!) and lo and behold there was Elton John saying that he wanted all organised religion to be banned. Why? Well according to him organised religion persecutes gay people. Actually the Catechism is very clear that no discrimination is to be shown to those with homosexual tendencies. But is that enough for Sir Elton? I think not. In fact his idea of a non- persecuting organised religion is one that endorses homosexuality and promotes it as a " healthy alternative" to heterosexuality. That, Sir Elton, Holy Mother Church cannot do. God has created man and woman for each other. And whilst it is "un-P.C" to say it I am going to nevertheless: Homosexuality is NOT a valid alternative for the married life and family. God has set in His unalterable laws that man and woman ALONE should become one flesh. In doing so a husband and a wife participate in the work of creation. This is truly a high and noble vocation.

So what about people with homosexual tendencies? They truly carry a heavy cross. Yet their woundedness is truly redeemable in many ways. First they are called to live the beauty of chastity. That forms an essential part of their path to sainthood. But also there is hope in many other ways. There are great teams of psychologists, especially in the States, who help homosexually orientated people address their woundedness. Indeed many overcome this wound and eventually marry.
Many refute this saying that it is unaccepting of a person. I disagree. As Christians we should desire the very best for each and every person. Is that not a definition of true love? These teams in the U.S have many proofs that homosexuality is actually HEALABLE.

So there is much hope. If anyone reading this is burdened by homosexual tendencies, take heart. The Lord wants to help you. Here is the website of a group that helps those who wish to overcome their homosexual tendencies:

Another such group is N.A.R.T.H whose website is:

As for Sir Elton all I can say about organised religion is : we're here to stay!

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