Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beware! Strong Woman!!!

We have received so much support for our new blog, despite it being only a week old! One such support has come from a Mulier Fortis, a strong woman. There is a link to this strong woman's blog in our blog list. But where does such strength come from?
When a person is radically dedicated to Jesus Christ, God made Man, his or her whole life is taken up in grace, consumed by the fire of love. There comes with it a love for His Church and her teachings. There comes the desire to grow in perfection and strive for sanctity. Also the person desires to defend and protect all that is beautiful, sacred and true.
It's interesting to note that amid our pleasure seeking world there is a growing number of young people who have "been there, done that, got the T-shirt" and found out that it doesn't fit, it's cheap and fraying at the seams!

Why in our world today would someone like the Mulier Fortis decide to dedicate everything to Christ? The reason why is because every heart is made for Communion with the Blessed Trinity. We are called to become Saints and be Divinised. We are called to bask in the healing and divinising light of Our God transfigured on Mount Tabor. Our flesh is called to be transformed by the flesh of Christ in the Blessed Eucharist.

That's how we become strong, that's our fortitude.

So to that strong woman, we on Orthfully Catholic say: Thanks be to God for such a beautiful vocation! And thanks for the witness you give. It is people like you, totally consecrated to Christ, who are indeed among the Pillars of the Church. Many priests owe you an immeasurable debt of gratitude and graces for your prayers and support, without which we would have even fewer Shepherds to guide our battered flock
And finally thanks for your FIDELITY to Holy Mother Church. How She delights in the daughters who, despite their sins and failings, strive each day to be faithful to their Mother!

Anyone intrigued by the beauty of the life of total consecration or feel that they might have a call please go to Mulier Fortis' blog found on our blog list. I am sure any questions you have will be graciously answered.



Mac McLernon said...

Thank you so much for your kind words... it was very sweet of you!

I'm not actually consecrated - the vows I have taken are just simple, private ones, but the past four years of living as a single woman dedicated to God and his Church have been truly blessed.

...and yes, praying for priests (and seminarians) is part of my vocation. God bless.

Christian said...

Um how do I contact the writers of this blog. I am quite likly to go to seminary and whold love to know more about who they are. If It helps I know Edward Davies.

Orthfully Catholic said...

which blog are you refering to?

Christian said...

orthfully catholic

Orthfully Catholic said...

Well you have contact on here. You can leave a comment if you like.