Thursday, November 23, 2006

From silence to silence

Mary is clearly crucial to the New Evangelisation. How deeply she longs to draw people to her Son. Since I've started fostering a deeper relation with Mary, I have seen tremendous fruits. I thought I'd share a couple of ways that I do this, that others might find helpful.

The first is through total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, in the way described by St Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort. I did this fairly recently, and now renew that Consecration daily. It has had a profoundly transformational effect on my life. If you want to learn more or are considering consecrating yourself, it is a good idea to read his True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin first.

Another thing that I've found very helpful has been the daily Moment with Mary emails that are provided by the Marie de Nazareth Association. These give a daily meditation from an impressive variety of sources. I always look forward to receiving it. Here is a recent example, from another of my favourite people, Cardinal Pierre de Bérulle:

From silence to silence

The Virgin’s lot in life is to remain in silence and to listen.

It is her state, her path, her life.

Her life is a life of silence that adores the eternal Word.

While seeing before her eyes, in her womb, in her arms,

This same Word, the substantial Word of the Father,

Mute and reduced to silence by the state of His childhood,

She enters in a new silence and is transformed.

As is transformed the Word incarnate,

Who is her son, the Son of God, her only love

So her life goes by from silence to silence,

From the silence of worship to the silence of transformation.

Cardinal Pierre de Bérulle (1575-1629)

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Glory to Jesus Christ!
perhaps this bit on The monastic Brothers Of Bethlehem and The Assumption and St Bruno, will interest you..