Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New "advice" on premature babies by Nuffield

I read this latest news piece with absolute horror and utter amazement on the BBC's website. This is just beyond belief and comprehension. Here are a few quotes from the BBC's website:

"The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has recommended babies born at or before 22 weeks should not be resuscitated or given intensive care." [Emphasis mine] Please note the irony!

" Between 22 weeks and 23 weeks the assumption should be no care unless parents request it."

"From 23 to 24 weeks parents should have final say."

Well gee thanks. How terribly KIND of you!!!

And here's the best part, given in all sweetness and genuine human generosity:

"And between 24 and 25 weeks the assumption should be that intensive care should be given unless parents and doctors agree there is no hope. Beyond that intensive care should be given as standard."

What really gets me going is that most of this is based on assumption!!! Well don't we all feel that little bit secure now that human life with it's God given dignity is in such understanding and caring hands!

Can't you feel that surge of gratitude to Nuffield Council for carefully selecting appropriate members of the human race for the gift of life based on their excellent qualities of being able to assume?

So now we can be blissfully rid of any of those little undesirables since those who "do survive are left with disabilities".

Funny that! I distinctly remember learning in my history classes as a little boy about a certain Austrian with a moustache who had exactly the same attitudes towards so called "undesirables". What was his name again? Adolf something or other?

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