Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Archbishop Milingo

I have read a repost recently that Archbishop Milingo is threatening to consecrate more married men as bishops.
Please join us in prayer that Archbishop Milingo will have a deep and peaceful conversion of heart. This is sad since it is tearing at the already battered Body of Christ.

Also please continue to keep the Holy Father in your prayers. There are attacks from all sides, even from within the Church. This must be a hard and painful time for the Holy Father, even though he doesn't show it.
God bless

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Archbishop Milingo. His sister died today in Africa so you might include her in your prayers also.

Also pray for Pope Ratzinger who immorally and unjustly cut off Archbishop Milingo's well earned pension for more than fifty years of service. Maybe if the Pope restores his pension, Milingo would not have to accept the generosity of Rev. Moon.

+Peter Brennan
Married Priests Now! Prelature