Monday, January 22, 2007

Desperate need of prayers

I would urge all our readers to pray at this time for the Catholic Church in this country. You may or may not be aware that plans are afoot which deeply discriminate against the conscience of Catholics. The proposed plans are to force Catholic adoption agencies to permit gay couples to adopt children. To do otherwise would constitute an illegal act. Also Catholic schools will be forced to teach homosexuality in their sex education.
Again any action that upholds Catholic teaching on these matters will be deemed a criminal act of discrimination.

Please pray that the Church will be given the strength to resist this very obvious attack from the devil.

Also pray that those who plan such legislation will see the hypocrisy in their deeds. Surely one of the greatest acts of discrimination possible is the violation of a person's conscience.

Christians will be forced to act against their cherished beliefs and the truths given to us by Our Lord. We must all pray for the strength to defend the Truth and the Gospel. We must also pray for the grace to offer to God something which is nothing short of martyrdom, albeit white.


Anonymous said...

There is a petition over at No. 10 Downing Street to extending the SOR Regulations fully. I was wondering if there should be a counter-petition to ensure an exemption for Catholic adoption agencies.

John Browne said...

Rosary and other prayers offered here at Lampeter for this cause. Please God, something happen.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Petition against the regs here. Pass it on. ;-)