Sunday, January 14, 2007


I recently succumbed to temptation and started getting site statistics. Dilexit Prior and Fr Dwight Longenecker recently mentioned us in very generous terms, which has led to a big increase in North American visitors (Salve!), though we haven't reached the dizzy heights once achieved by David Palmer.

I was particularly honoured by the mention from Fr Dwight, as he's someone who really inspired my in his books. I actually read the Path to Rome (which he edited) while I was still at school.

My only other encounter with an adolescent inspiration was rather more disappointing. We actually had this very famous man come to my Parish. Even more excitingly the visit was organised by my then-girlfriend's parents, so I also got an invite to the party afterwards. The talk itself was amazing. You could sense the power and depth of this man's relationship with Jesus not just in what he said but in his very presence.

And then we had the party. To my astonishment, the great man actually came towards me, and looked like he was about to speak. I could hardly contain my anticipation. What words of wisdom was he about to impart? I was sure that they would stay with me for life. He gave me a big smile, opened his mouth and said "do you know where the toilets are?"


Anonymous said...

Recently I have found the book The Path to Rome very helpful. :)

David Palmer said...

I have to say my dizzying heights haven't lasted... two days of glory, then a big fall! Getting mentioned on "Pontifications" was the biggy!

DilexitPrior said...

Young men, keep your eyes fixed on Christ, not the sitemeter. I speak from experience.


Ah, all in good fun, but seriously, it can get addictive. I haven't looked at mine in months because I'm trying to avoid becoming a "slave" to my blog.

Gildas said...

:) Mark, you're very much in my prayers as you discern being received into the Church and vocation.

There speaks a very wise woman. I will now stop looking at stats!