Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I am a worm and no man

Twice this week in classes I have had to point out this new trend in Protestant-Catholic Theology that the Incarnation (God becoming Man) has made us equal with God. Saints in their writings and their recorded sayings have continuously through the ages pointed out that in the eyes of God, our Creator, we are as nothing, worthless, as the Psalmist points out 'I am a worm and no man'. When these sayings are brought up in class a number of our brothers argue against this, saying we are everything to God. I agree pointing out that we are the pinnacle of creation, the very reason God created the universe, but He still created us, we are still His creatures and therefore compared to Him we are as nothing!

It is utter humility to thank God, as St Therese did, that He has made us realise this. Do as St Francis did when someone asked him, 'Why do you think God has called you to this way of life?' He replied, 'Because He couldn't find anyone less worthy'. Society today is telling us not to be humble because humility makes us feel unworthy, useless, pointless. Why is this? Because society today is led by pride incarnate, Satan. As the Book of Wisdom says Satan's first sin was envous pride. Let us not fall into the sin of pride because it is a bottomless pit. Be humble. Say to yourself everyday, 'I am a worm and no man'. When you wake up in the morning get on the floor, kiss it, and say, 'Serviam'. And in your daily prayer thank God for this gift of humility.

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