Monday, January 29, 2007

Monastic Community of Bethlehem, The Assumption and St Bruno

Someone very kindly drew my attention to a new video of one of my favourite monastic communities, that of Bethlehem, The Assumption and St Bruno. St Gildas would undoubtedly have approved of this community.

Update: Emile-James, the creator of this slideshow has pointed out that you can only see about half of it when watching on blogs. The full version can be seen here.

More info on the community can be found in my other post.


Fr Ray Blake said...

Fascinating - do you more information on the community? I've taken a liberty by putting it on my blog and putting a link to Orthfully on my links.
It has become a really good blog - Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Hello, i am the creator of said slideshow, i notice that on blogs, it only half downloads, so here is the whole original

Peace, Emile-James
(A Canadian who live with the Brothers in France and Italy.)

Gildas said...

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful slideshow. udp, Gildas.