Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well just been to a lovely evening mass which was said by an old priest friend of mine who is very frail at the moment. Even though he is frail, he is still managing his parish and still preaching the true and life giving message of the Gospel. This man has given his full life to God, and through the power of the Holy Spirit has remained a good, holy and passionate priest. Its people like him who inspired and continue to inspire because like the late great John Paul II, they gave their all for Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life. Yet even with all these great qualities these men remain Humble of heart.

Sunday is such a wonderful day because it gives me the chance to be with God in prayer. Of course I enjoy myself, but I do have that extra time to recollect myself and to gather my thoughts. What wonderful way to begin the week by celebrating the reassurection of Our Lord and God in the Form of Holy Mass.

In our liturgy, we start to see a shift in the theme going through the Gospel. The Churches liturgical year ties in with the seasons which is often spectacular because it helps us associate the season with the theme of the Gospel itself. We see now as the days start to get longer, an emphasis on the light of Christ coming into the world. Its a reminder that we are all called to be lights of Christ in the world, a light that will never fade, a light that will shine and guide others to eternity. Remember this when you proclaim at the beggining of the easter vigil "Lumen Christi". Be a light of Jesus Christ.

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