Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I've been having a major tidying session, and am rather pleased to have filled a large black bin bag full of paper. In the course of this, I've found all sorts of interesting things I'd forgotten I had. I thought you might enjoy a few thoughts I'd copied out when I was having an Isaac the Syrian phase:

"Be every man's friend, but in your mind remain alone"

"That which befalls a fish out of water, befalls the mind that has come out of the remembrance of God and wanders in the remembrance of the world"

"The cell of a solitary is the cleft in the rock where God spoke with Moses, as the Fathers say"

Also, Maurice Zundel, writing on the mission of contemplative communities, which is "to open the world to God, by living so intensely in His presence that it may become an all consuming fire"

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