Sunday, January 21, 2007

Youth 2000....... Just bad music?

I recently heard some comments (or did I read them?) about Youth 2000. They were generally negative and not very constructive. They went something like: Bad music and Ziggurats!

Personally I found this quite unfair. Okay I'll admit it: I am not too keen on their music!
BUT I will have to say something in their defence. They have managed to get many young people interested in Jesus Christ truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. Wherever Jesus is honoured in His Eucharistic presence something good is happening.

So it's not all Latin chant. Hey you can't have everything you know!!!

I must say I am pretty impressed with Youth 2000. I know that I am biased because I am just nuts about adoration. But Youth 2000 have got it essentially right. Put Jesus at the centre of your life and you'll be fine.

Also I do have a little plea to make to any priests reading this. Have you ever thought about inviting Youth 2000 to your parish? Maybe you're like me and you aren't keen on the music. But nevertheless they are adoring Jesus, our Saviour and our God.

The reason I say this is because when I was on pastoral placement last year I came in contact with a Youth 2000 prayer group. They were so faithful to adoration, week in and week out. I was very inspired.

Also another place that has inspired me is Holy Ghost parish in Balham. There the parish priest, Fr. Stephen Langridge, has the annual Youth 2000 New Year retreat. Personally I have never been on it. I have, however, spoken to Fr. Stephen and found out that hundreds go to it each year.

Conversions, good and holy confessions and even vocations spring forth.
So it can't be bad, eh?

Perhaps today in our negative climate there is a tendency among good, sound Catholics to see everything black and bleak. And we are tempted to be negative over things like Youth 2000. But perhaps we should try and see it as Our Lord would. They are here, they are adoring Him and for love of Him they are leaving their prayer meetings determined to change their lives.

There's alot for us to think about in this and maybe learn.

God bless


Anonymous said...


As a Catholic Priest with Youth 2000 in their parish I heartily agree.

Very pleased that whatever your preference you see Christ in what they do.

A Diocesan Priest must seize what the Lord sends them.

God Bless

Fr. said...

Many vocations have been born out of Youth 2000.

There is something wonderful about the Simple Religion of Jesus!!

Anonymous said...

Amen. But the music really is terrible.

Matt Doyle said...

"I wanna see Jesus lifted high" strangely makes me think of the elevation now that I've been to Youth 2000...

Anonymous said...

Well done to Youth 2000 for all their work...regardless of music.

This leads me onto my point, which is, essentially, a question.

I find, as a young practising Catholic who puts Christ at the centre of his life, that the majority of young Catholics are woefully served.

Yes there are events, get- togethers, talks etc which are sucessful and interesting.

However, I find they can be put into following categories:
1) Talks for young Catholics on an obscure topic which interest a small group of people. But for a non-Catholic would hold no appeal at all.
2)Re-Catechising talks which are essentially Catholic theology lessons(not very good if you have a) completed a degree in theology or b) are looking for something different to a catechetical lecture.)
3) No intellectual content at all but just a meeting in the pub for young Catholics. Great fun but more of a framework needed.

Evangelical Christians very successfully hold meetings/talks etc which are far better at reaching out to non-Christians (in our case it is non-Christians but particularly lapsed Catholics)

There is a real need for a group/groups of young Catholics to get together, pray, discuss their faith, hear a short talk and do so in an environment which they could bring a non-Catholic/lapsed Catholic friend to.
Something which is not seen as ' religious' and will be really 'putting out in to the deep'
I envisage a group meeting together on a regular occasion to pray, discuss, hear a talk, maybe even some pastoral work?

Is there anything like this going on??

Thank you very much for your witness and your blog.

With prayers and best wishes

Gildas said...

Interesting question. I agree that we're way behind the evangelicals in this.

I think there are a number of these kind of groups going on, but they tend to be mainly local initiatives. On a national scale, I think project 2030 does this kind of thing as well as purely social events, although the only time I went on one of their events it was to eat ice cream.

Some university chaplaincies also put on these kind of events, although you'd probably feel out of place if you weren't a student.

Emmanuel Community is excellent if you're London based. I have a couple of friends who are involved in the Lay Community of St Benedict which they get a great deal from.

Would you consider starting your own group?

Chris said...

Yes definately, I would consider starting my own group.
However, I'm looking to gain momentum somehow and putting out feelers at the moment.
But it would be good to get started sooner rather than later.
Any ideas?

Gildas said...

depending on where you're based I might be able to put you in touch with similar minded people...

Anonymous said...

I'm based in London would, please let me know of those people.

Many thanks

Gildas said...

Will do. Could you email me at orthfullycatholic at catholic dot org?

Anonymous said...

I would have to disagree, I attended youth 2000 with my wife. We are youth miniters in our parish, the adoration was great, but now our church wants to use them for everything, even confirmation retreats. Youth 2000 seemed like a giant vocations rally to me, They talked at great length about the priesthood and joining a convent but mentioned nothing of other vocations. It was sad to see them turn an adoration event into a vocations rally.