Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A weird and warped world

I was in a Pharmacy yesterday. As I glanced at the counter I noticed a charity box giving key-rings for a donation. The charity is called Tommy's. I read the information which sounded fantastic. It is a charity which helps prevent miscarriages and death during birth.

It was then that I was struck with the most horrific sensation. I actually felt ill. Here is a charity which appears to be doing wonderful work to save babies "from their number one killer:miscarriage" and yet, in the same breath, we live in a society which continually butchers approximately 500 unborn babies on a daily basis. Also this very pharmacy sells the morning after pill as well as contraceptives etc.

What a warped world we live in. A world where peoples hearts burst with concern over a child who dies in miscarriage and yet believes that an abortion is a valid choice.

Tommy's seems to do an excellent work of charity.
Let us pray that our society will see the contradictions over the way it treats its unborn.

God bless

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antonia said...

One thing that has always shocked me about the NHS....they spend thousands of pounds paying for abortions so that unwanted babies can be killed....and then at the same time they spend thousands of pounds on IVF for those who want babies....