Thursday, May 03, 2007

Irish Abortion Law

According to the BBC News website there is a court battle in Ireland at the moment concerning a 17 year old girl (Miss D) who has just been told of her unborn baby's anencephaly which means the child will live no longer than 72 hours after birth. She is therefore fighting for the right to travel to the UK to have an abortion.

The most distressing part of this story is the spokeswoman for Choice Ireland who said, 'No woman should have to endure the trauma of carrying to full term a child who will not live more than a few hours.' Excuse me? Her trauma is nothing compared to the trauma the child will suffer when he/she is ripped to shreds by a mini hoover or a scraper!

How long must we continue to listen to this rubbish? When will people realise abortion is murder? How many more unborn children have to die before we realise what we are doing to feed Satan and his army? When will we realise Satan does exist and we are in ever greater danger of going to Hell for all eternity?

Please pray for Miss D and her family that they will realise what they are doing and continue with the pregnancy so they can say goodbye to the baby properly! Pray also for the conversion of pro-choicers!

God Bless


catholicandgop said...

So sad. :(

Monica said...

We will only realise it when bishops, priests and laity all accept and recognise that we have all played a part in allowing satan into our lives. Paul VI famously said that the smoke of Satan had entered the Church - and he's living there very happily seeing the destruction he is causing.

We must all get on to our knees and pray.

Thank you for having the courage to bring this to ouy attention.

Deacon John said...

It's a sick world out there. Today being "World Day of Prayer", let's pray that God will soon "correct the conscience of the world (Illumination) [see Garabandal & Medjugorje], so that the madness stops. "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins; save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven. especially those in MOST NEED of Thy mercy!"

bernadette said...

We could pray for this young mother-to-be and ask for protection for her. And we could also pray for a miracle, that if this baby is allowed to be born, he or she will be totally perfect. He and his mother could be glorious witnesses to the power of God. I was moved to do this on hearing about this on the radio yesterday. Shall we say a simple novena or daily rosary through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe for this to happen ? There is no reason why this little child should not be born perfect, if God wills it and if we pray with total faith. Let`s do it. The ground is already shifting on this one, with more and more doctors refusing to carry out abortions. Today's the feast of the forty martyrs.. let`s invoke their support in heaven and join us in asking for a miracle. And if we start today, in nine days time it will be the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.. 13th......

bernadette said...

Day 2: Dear Jesus, we join our pleas with those of our Lady of Guadelupe. We ask you to walk beside Miss D in a specially close way. Touch her heart this day/night and turn her in love towards the young life she is carrying. Protect her from the wrong advice. Open her heart to know your deep love for her and her child.
Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be

Litany of our Lady/Joyful Mysteries.