Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eastenders goes Pro-Life - Again!

I'm sure none of our readers watches the soaps but at the end of an examination fortnight when the majority of the house have left for Half Term I like to sit and watch mindless television just so I can switch the brain off for a night!

Last night I watched Eastenders and the bulk of it was dedicated to a married couple (Max and Tania) who had just discovered they were to expect a third child but Tania suspected Max of having an affair so she told him she was going to have an abortion because she didn't want to bring a child up with a father she couldn't trust to stick around. His response was simple, 'I've made many mistakes in my life; I don't want the blood of a baby on my hands too!' I was gobsmacked! Is the BBC actually suggesting the unborn child is a human baby? Surely not!

Add this to the recent storyline of Dawn going to the abortion clinic and having a last minute change of heart and the famous one of Little Mo carrying the child of her rapist to full term and keeping him after his birth and I think we can safely suggest Eastenders is a pro-life programme and might just convince teenage girls not to abort their 'clumps of cells'!

Of course something immoral could still happen, Little Mo and Billy got divorced and the father of Dawn's baby was a married man who left his wife for her but with the power of prayer the soaps (on which millions of British women and teenagers base their lives) might just discover morality!


Anonymous said...

It's surprising sometimes isn't it?

God bless

antonia said...

wow, I never realised that Eastenders was that pro-life!!

I myself keep well away from soaps (...I dont even own a tv anyway), but perhaps now I have a teensy weensy bit less distain for them!

holyfamoley said...

I know that many say that we are all very intelligent people with ample ability to make our own minds up about moral issues and are not in the least bit influenced by what we see on TV/Read in the papers etc. I have always, however, felt that the media has a disturbing level of influence on what we think, whether it concerns the brand of trainers that we buy or our moral/ethical standpoints. The question I would like answered is "why is any pregnancy in soap land always met with the question 'Are you going to keep it?'" I confess to being partial to the odd soap for much the same reasons that you have already given for your 'guilty secret'. But I hate having to wait with baited breath for the chance to celebrate a happy event, albeit a fictional one. I wonder if this preamble has yet slipped into real situations.

Twenty-odd years ago, as a young married woman I thought I was pregnant and wasn't really sure about how to go about confirming it (home testing kits were not widely available so it meant one of those embarrassing chemist visits. Also, home kits were not as reliable as they are today). I took my little 'wee' sample to the BPAS and the lady there tested it for me and confirmed that I was, indeed, pregnant. I accepted the information given and then she looked at me earnestly and said, "How do you feel about it?". I wondered, if my response had been a negative one, just how quickly could she have had me booked into a private clinic. You can have too much choice in this life...

John Kearney said...

And we should not forget the story line in Eastenders of Billy Mitchell and Honey, who actually kept their Downs Syndrome Baby rather than abort it. Now that the question should even be asked when over 90% of these cases are routinely aborted without question is something we must give Eastenders scriptwriters some credit for. Mind you the jumpihg into bed at a moments notice is still a negative.