Sunday, May 20, 2007


Europe4Christ deserves to be better known. It is a fantastic organisation run by Martin and Gudrun Kugler to work towards rechristianising Europe. Here's what they're about (from the front page of their website:

"Europe stands before a crossroads. Europe owes much of its culture to the Gospel lived by Christians: Solidarity and human rights, universities, hospitals and cathedrals. Today, however, we risk betraying the soul of Europe. A dictatorship of relativism and a culture of death are omnipresent. Christians are increasingly discriminated against and watch a political tendency in which a humanism inspired by the Gospel is ever increasingly banned into the private sphere. And yet we have also understood that when God is not our Father, that we are no longer brothers and sisters! For this reason it is important for the future of this continent that we base our culture again on Christ. We seek a Europe in which freedom of religion and conscience is respected, a young and dynamic Europe, one that is a sign of hope for the world.

For this we pray and work."

I know that they do fantastic work, especially with the EU and would strongly value your support. They ask people to commit to praying one Our Father a day, preferably around noon (it can be combined with the angelus) for this. You can also sign up to their newsletter.

Your prayer and publicising of the existence of Europe4Christ will have a powerful impact. Would you consider sigining up, and publicising this through your blogs/contacts?

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