Thursday, May 10, 2007

Then you weren't really pregnant!

A friend of mine recently told me that he was talking to a woman who had an abortion.
Her response was to him was "Oh it's not a baby. It's just cells!"

He replied: "Then you weren't really pregnant! If abortion doesn't kill a baby then you were not really pregnant!"

I thought to myself: Very simple. But then common sense and logic is. Truth is just plain old simple!

God bless


Ma Beck said...

Does the young lady not realize that every living thing is "just a clump of cells?"
Including herself?

Mags said...

You wouldn't believe the amount of ladies who end up in a counseling room, later in life, because someone told them that the baby they were aborting was just some cells...

Deep in their inner being, they know that it was a baby really, but choose to accept a lie, against their own better judgment, but you can't remain in denial forever.

John said...

Ma beck beat me to saying that..