Tuesday, February 19, 2008

St Paul and the perfidi

We have just finished a very interesting Scripture class. Before Half Term we handed in an essay on St Paul's letter to the Romans and today began to look at his second letter to the Corinthians. At one point in the class the lay lecturer handed out a photocopy of an article in The Times about the new prayer for the conversion of the Jews in the 1962 Missal. He then asked us to read the old prayer and the revised prayer and make known any points of interest. After a few interesting comments he simply pointed to the collect of each prayer and said, 'The old one is Romans 11 and the revised one is 2 Cor 3'. Silence.

By the way, can anyone who is more liturgically knowledgable than us tell us if when the revised prayer is published the 1962 Missal will become the 2008 Missal?

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Ottaviani said...

The old one is the 2 Cor 3. The prayer dates from the 3rd century and is a relic of the prayers used by the early church in their Good Friday liturgy.

For more info, see here