Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh Dear Dr Williams

When I first heard of the Archbishop of Canterbury's blunder I thought he'd just done a Regensburg and defended him as I defended the Pope. However, I discovered he has actually been suggesting Islam is a true religion and that Britain will soon be a Muslim State. I don't think so do you?

The best part of the last few days is the number of people who have, upon discovering I am a seminarian, asked me, 'So, what are you going to do with your Archbishop?'

However, this is nothing in comparison with a comment in a newspaper by a practising Christian who said, 'Jesus will be turning in His grave'. Nice One!


Augustine said...

And people say that English Christianity is going downhill :-P

In fairness, I think there is a large group of Anglicans who would quite happily use sharia-style punishments on Dr. Williams, largely for celebrating Mass for Gay Clergy pressure groups...

Anonymous said...

May I ask if you've actually read the lecture? If so, could you please demonstrate when and where Rowan Williams said that "Islam is a true religion and Britain will soon be a Muslim State".

I'm not holding my breath.

Frs John Boyle & Tim Finigan have a much more balanced assessment of the Archbishop's speech.

Orthfully Catholic said...


As you correctly guessed I have not read the lecture and indeed I have read Frs Finigan and Boyle on it and quite agree with their sentiments. What I was reporting was things he has said in 'defence' of his lecture.

Orthfully Catholic said...


I would amputate one or two of Rowan's limbs if I caught him celebrating Mass at all!