Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm giving up posting for Lent

No, not really but I'm sure that's what many of you have been thinking as we have been away for so long.

Our thanks to the Hermit for starting Lent with a bang.

In the seminary Lent has so far been as it should be. Ash Wednesday began with Matins and Lauds. During Lent we don't have musical accompaniment for the Offices so two cantors had to sing with only the Musical Director's humming as a reminder of the next tone. They did a marvellous job! Lunch was Vegetable Soup, supper was almost Chicken Curry until someone reminded the kitchen that it would be a sin, possibly even a mortal sin, to eat it so we sat down to Fish and Chips instead! Mass was beautiful, although there weren't enough ashes for my liking. Last year the Sacristans made their own but that caused the fire alarm to go off at 3 o'clock in the morning so we made do with Hayes and Finch's freebies and they just don't send enough.

Now we're all on Half Term, though many of us are staying on to finish essays that should have been handed in on Friday but weren't because this term is just so busy.

Orthfully Catholic would like to wish their readers a Holy and Hope-Filled Lenten Season!

God Bless!

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