Friday, February 29, 2008

Links to other posts that affect us

The East Anglian Seminarians reported the Inter-Seminary Football Tournament. Naturally some of our lads went up - unfortunately not as many as we'd have liked as it clashed with our Day of Recollection. From what we heard upon their return it was a great weekend. We have been talking about making it an annual event and a different Seminary hosting it each year, as the EA lads said its great to meet other Seminarians and compare Seminary life.

Karen from San Diego has given the Brits some tips on dealing with earthquakes. This has been hotly debated at the Seminary because a number of Seminarians said they were woken up by their beds rocking in the early hours of the morning. They were all relieved to hear it was a natural event and not bed-rocking demons. However, not all students had this experience, only handful of those on the top floor and none of those on the next floor down. The Bursar has been worried that if it was as violent as they describe it that it may have caused some structural damage that will only become apparent later on.


Augustine said...

(no need to publish this)
Please pray for the soul of Bishop Kevin Dunn.

marcella said...

I enjoy the East Anglian boy's blog as much as I do your own.
I think it speaks well of you and your fellow seminarians at ? -whichever seminary you are at - that no-one tried to dodge the Great Silence. Well done chaps. The opportunity to dodge is a good test of sincerity.

Orthfully Catholic said...


We think that was something that needed to be published and will write a post on it as well