Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Prince of Egypt

Last night, with nothing doing after supper at the seminary, a few of the brethren decided to watch the film "The Prince of Egypt", by now, of course, we all know the song "Miracles" from its part in this years X factor.

The film is a beautiful portrayal of the call of Moses and the freeing of the Hebrew slaves. In this day and age we have lost the ability to visualise and imagine the original history from the book of the Exodus, so to have it shown in such detail was very moving for me.

It shows what God can do through us, despite our own weakness and failings. It made me run to my room and read the book of the Exodus. I'd like to share this passage with you, it has helped me in my vocation, and perhaps it will help others in their discernment of God's call.

Ex 3-4:16 : The angel of the Lord speaks to Moses through the burning bush. He tells Moses of God's plan for him, to lead the people of Israel from their oppressors to the promised land, flowing with milk and honey. But Moses says "Who are you" and God replies "I will be what I will be". But Moses says "They will not believe me", God shows Moses signs by which they will believe. But Moses continues "I am not eloquent", but Gos says that He will tell Moses what to say. But Moses continues to avoid this calling "My Lord, send someone else". And finally God is annoyed!

I love this dialogue between the greatest prophet of the Old Testament and God, Moses tries all attempts and excusses to avoid his vocation, but God has an answer for all his worries. This is like us sometimes, we try desperately to avoid the obligations and reality of our vocation, but God does the work, they are His words we use, and (while we ultimately have free will to say 'no') we accept and work the Lord's wonders!

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