Saturday, October 27, 2007

What's EPR?

Mrs Parkes left a comment in a previous post inviting me to look at a Sex Education Programme for a Primary School. I published the comment and had a look. Basically the programme runs throughout the entire school first looking at animals and then humans. 'Animals?' I hear you ask. Well, of course because 'You and me baby we ain't nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel'! Its amazing how many people actually think Natural Law means doing whatever the animals do.

But back to the programme, its NOT a Sex Education programme, its a Life Education programme to teach the children how to understand their bodies. This gives license to ask 7 year olds to labels all the parts of the body. Call me old-fashioned but when I was 7 (and that was less than 20 years ago) I asked my Mum, not my teacher. This programme is a scandal, and as Mrs Parkes correctly points out the fact that secular schools want it shows just how un-Catholic it is.

So here it is:

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Rita said...

EPR is the Einstein Podolski Rosen problem, a somewhat knotty conundrum thrown up by quantum theory. I never fully got to grips with it, but it makes much more sense than relegating God to a colouring-in option on a worksheet. This EPR upstart you mention is warped, perverted and dangerous.