Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Faith Article on Catholic Sex Education

Half Terms and holidays gives me an opportunity to read my regular Catholic mags and journals (and burn past copies of the Pill) so today I read an excellent article in Faith Magazine on the Archdiocese of Birmingham's Sex Education programme. I have been reliably informed that the link previously in this post was unobtainable, so check out the article on the Faith website


rev said...

Glad to see you have a link to this excellent article. It would be good if you could advertise the Faith Movement more widely, as you can reach parts/people we lay people can’t! Why not post a short article on the Theology of the Faith Movement - I'm sure people would be interested.

Mac McLernon said...

Might I suggest you alter the link so that it's a proper link, as the full URL is "off the page."

Blogger has the facility to do links for you (select the text you want to convert to a link and then click the link icon and type (or paste) in the URL)

Alternatively, you can find out how to do your own links step-by-step by clicking here.

Orthfully Catholic said...


Thank you for your comment but it sounds far too complicated for our simplistic minds to handle - after all they are being filled daily with greater knowledge of God Himself - so I have simply changed the post!

Anonymous said...

Check out the programme 'In the Beginning' on my blog & see what you think of it..

Mac McLernon said...

Orthfully Catholic -

Oh man of little faith. If a mere blonde can cope with links...

Maybe you should rename yourselves "Slothfully Catholic"? Anyway, watch out, or I shall tell on you to Fr Tim!