Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Comments of worrying note

In two different places I have heard two different friends tell me two different things but I can't be bothered to make two different posts so I am lumping them into one.

The first was from a female friend of mine who was speaking of an experience she had walking through a department store. She was in the cosmetic section and despite trying to get through at break-neck speed she was caught by a lady with a pot of face cream and asked if she would like to try it. When my friend asked what its effects were she was told it was the latest and most effective anti-wrinkle cream on the market and the secret to its power is the secret ingredient. What is that secret ingredient? The amniotic fluid collected after an abortion.

The second was from a friend who said he had complained to his local Sainsbury's because on the top shelf was some school stationery with 50% off stickers all over it. Immediately below that filling four shelves were contraceptive products. Clearly this was not a mistake by a shelf stacker, it was a deliberate ploy by the supermarket to encourage teenagers to by their condoms with their pencil cases and maths sets.

Shopping is no longer the relaxing past-time it once was.


Anonymous said...

YIKES! that's sick!

bernadette said...

What is the name of this face-cream, who makes it, which shop was this being sold in and what was the assistants name. I have tried many times to follow up similar stories and got nowhere. But maybe if the manufacturers and reps of these products are getting a little bolder in saying where they come from, we can excpose it -This is a front page Daily Mail lead - if it`s true. My exeprience of trying to follow up these stories is that they fall into the Urban Myth category. Someone heard someone else say it three weeks ago and has passed it on. More detail needed. I`ll follow it up myself and expose it if someone would spill the detail please.

Ma Beck said...

It's actually not uncommon to use amniotic fluid in cosmetics - sometimes, it's bovine, but...
sometimes it's human.

However, it's much more common to use collagen - and unless your cosmetic specifically states "animal collagen", it is likely human.

Aborted fetal tissue is a multimillion dollar, unregulated industry.

It is not against the law to use tissue from abortions in makeup and shampoo.

A quick google of "Amniotic Fluid Cosmetics" will provide more than a few links of interest.

As repulsive as it is, Bernadette, it's not unthinkable.

(And I'm the resident Snopes Urban Legend-Debunker in my neighborhood.)

bernadette said...

I ddn`t say it was unthinkable. I said i`d like to expose it - IF someone would agree to speak out about it. Slight difference.