Sunday, October 21, 2007

Never Mind England

We broke up for Half Term on Friday but a number of the brethren stayed on to watch the Rugby on Saturday. I have no interest in sport but am very proud of my country so of course like to know how we're doing at any World Cup be it Rugby, Football or Cricket. Therefore while the lads watched the game in our common room I watched a film in my own room and popped down at half time to buy a Twix. The score was 12-6 to South Africa, the room was in absolute silence, you'd have thought the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. I came back down at the end of the game. I have never seen a group of grown men in tears before, and that was just the team! We stayed to watch the teams receive their medals; a loud 'aaahhhhh' was released when the little boy burst into tears and all the uncles said together, 'Poor thing, he's tired'. We all laughed as the cup broke knowing as one that if England had won that would never happen.

Orthfully Catholic would like to pass on their commiserations to the England squad and their fans and hope they have more luck in 2011.

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