Thursday, August 28, 2008

y2k at Walsingham

On Monday I returned from Walsingham. It was my first time at this famous shrine and it was certainly uplifting and entertaining.

We arried on Friday afternoon, just in time to hear a talk by Mgr John Armitage, he asked us "Which do you want to be, a tin of baked beans, or a hero?" A silly question? No, actually it is profound, we can choose to act in a purely material way (signified by the tin of baked beans), which is useless and redundant, or in a spiritual way (signified by the hero), which is full of character and works for the build-up of society and the Kingdom of God. Mgr John has an amazing clarity and depth.

The rest of the festival was equally profound and deep, talks by the Abbot of Worth on prayer, Sr. Hyacinthe O.P. on Perfection, and a homily by Fr. Julian Green on maintaining a spiritual life in our ordinary setting.

The evenings were spent productively, firstly with a reconciliation service (which was beautiful, and an opportunity to go to confession myself). Second evening was the healing service, always a beautiful event, where everyone is blessed individually with the monstrance, and the final evening was spent hearing the testimonies of people who were touched or changed from the retreat.

Please keep this amazing little movement in your prayers, they are orthodox, vibrant and joyful, and have a profound effect on all who go to retreats or conferences.

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