Saturday, August 23, 2008

PPC ends

The Memoria of the Coronation of Our Blessed Lady saw the end of the Legion of Mary's mission in my parish. I went out to help with their work and truly appreciated what they do for our parishes and how important it is to have a Praesidium. I worked with one of the Legionaries for 4 hours and we visted every home in two roads!

It was an incredible experience to knock on a door not knowing who or what was behind it, naturally for August most of the houses were empty but those who were in were very interesting. The non-Catholics and lapsed Catholics who weren't interested in coming home still found it a privilege to have a Seminarian on their doorstep, those who were interested in coming home were very happy to be visited and invited to Mass. I had a great day and am inspired to set up a Praesidium at the Seminary!

The week ended with Mass and a reception, both of which were very well attended and we were all treated to a Marian dance by our African parishioners.

Please keep the Legion in your prayers!

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