Thursday, August 21, 2008


Some of us are travelling to Walsingham for the Youth 2000 festival there. I´ve never been before so it should be a chance to pray for England, renew my consecration to Our Lady, and perhaps meet future vocations.

I wasn´t always a fan of Youth 2000, the ´raise your hands in the air´Catholicism was never my cup of tea, but through visiting their retreats and festivals, and having experienced their charisma and orthodoxy, I have been converted.

Each time I go to a Youth 2000 festival I am always moved by the generous young people who spend hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and also the long lines for confession. Most impressive and heartening!

Please pray for all those attending!

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Mac McLernon said...

Have a wonderful time: prayers for all of you.