Sunday, August 10, 2008

Faith '08

Yet another successful Conference!

'He created them Male and female' The meaning of the sexes!

The sexes were split for Jesus and Mary; we are men because of Jesus and that is the reason we are Seminarians, because women cannot be wed to the Church, the Bride of Christ in the way priests are and therefore women cannot be priests. That seems obvious when you hear it like that, and indeed it is something we already knew, but when you realise that this has been the plan since before the dawn of time you realise just how much effort the Campaign for the Ordination of Women is wasting - it will never happen because it isn't in God's Master Plan!

Our eyes were opened last week to the purpose of Creation. The first human being to be conceived in the Mind of God was Our Lady in order to provide a place for God the Son to take flesh. As Our Lady is female Our Lord had to be male in order to balance nature. Thus the first human being to be created in the flesh was Adam, in the form of the Incarnate Son and his wife was created afterwards in the form of His Immaculate Mother. They then procreate in order to aid God in His creation so that the Incarnate One can have a fraternal relationship with many brothers and sisters despite the fact that He and His Mother are the only people who necessarily exist.

Fr Nesbitt introduced us to Fr Holloway's theory that the Hebrew word that is commonly translated 'rib' actually means 'the sexual principle' therefore God removed the sexual principle from the man in order to create the woman.

This is another way in which Christ is the new Adam and Mary the new Eve. In one of our discussion groups one young person complained about all he had heard because it contradicted modern sociology and as the priests giving the talks were not sociologists they must be wrong. It was explained that actually it is sociology that is wrong because it ignores the Master Plan, it ignores God, it puts Man in the place of God.

The week was also another Spiritual ecstasy with daily Exposition, Adoration and Benediction as well as daily Lauds, Mass and Compline, and we will never get over the response to the Evening of Reconciliation when, as usual, it ran over time because of the number of people going to Confession.

It was also good for us Seminarians to meet with our brethren at other seminaries and those who have been recently ordained.

We at Orthfully Catholic would like to thank all the priests who spoke and strengthened our faith with their words, especially Fr Nesbitt who congratulated us and encouraged us to keep going and those who have and who will say Mass for our Vocations.

We look forward to next year,

God Bless,

The Seminarians


Mac McLernon said...

And you have no idea how heartening it is for us lay people to see such wonderful men giving their lives to God and His Church.

Thank you!

Pastor in Valle said...

I remember Fr Holloway speaking about this at a wedding, only it wasn't Adam's sexual 'principle' he spoke of but something else…… He was famous for this wedding sermon. I think Fr Nesbitt was giving you the sanitized version!
See you all next month.

gemoftheocean said...

I'll give you guys a little tip. NONE of the arguments that you were given as to why women can't be priests don't and didn't convince me. It's all metaphor. The ONE argument that does convince me is the one that runs: "We don't KNOW if we have the authority to ordain women."

i.e. If we're stuck out in the boonies with just flour tortillas and Pepsi, I don't think we have the authority to say "let's go for it, it all breaks down into neutrons, electrons and protons arranged differently."

Not ordaining women is simply playing it safe and conservative, and THAT I "get."
Just in case you guys ever run into someone whom you can't convince with the arguments you were given....

We don't know why Jesus didn't call them to the priesthood, it could be as simple as the same reason you don't have a mixed submarine crew, (natural sexual attractions in close quarters more likely and can't concentrate on job #1) or maybe Jesus simply didn't want some creepy men getting their jollies by confessing all manner of things to get a rise out of a female priest. Or even "what Jewish man is going to listen to a woman in this day and age?" Or, "these guys are going to suffer a lot of death and abuse spreading my gospel, I'm not going to put women through that."
I think we DON'T know that we can, so ergo, we don't.

Whatever. I accept it. But the reasons you were given leave me absolutely cold. Just sayin'.

Glad you had a fruitful and productive time, and I pray for you guys always. Every Saturday I offer my rosary for all seminarians and those discerning vocations to the priesthood.


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