Tuesday, July 08, 2008

World Youth Day and women bishops

Today's Mass was said for the young people in the Diocese travelling to Sydney today for World Youth Day and the three people representing this parish were in attendance this morning in order to receive a blessing in preparation for their journey.

The homily was marvellous! Father said Hosea was talking about those who had voted in favour for the 'ordination' of women to the 'episcopacy' in the Church of England last night. He spoke about how this had shown that the Anglican Communion does all it can to do the complete opposite to what Sacred Scripture tells Christians to do and that they will receive just puinishment for it.

He then went on to urge the three young people going to Sydney to sit at the feet of the Holy Father and listen to all he has to say, 'drink from the fount of his wisdom ... make note of his orthodoxy' and come back to the parish alive with Catholicism ready to tell all they meet what he said to them that orthodoxy may reign in the parish through them.

Orhtfully Catholic would like to thank Drs Williams and Sentamu and the Synod of the Church of England because as a result of last night's vote we will now have an influx of at least 500 priests and our RCIA classes will be packed to the rafters and so the unfortunate figures revealed by the Vatican recently comparing the number of Catholics in the world to the number of Muslims can be reversed.

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