Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The BBC opened this new series last night. It is about a group of archaeologists with a new story each week - basically a fictional Time Team. Their pilate episode was an attack on Christianity, a cruel cult with a devilish past with the sole intent to destroy Islam.

Last night's episode was about a band of Knights Templar who had come to England from the Holy Land with a piece of the True Cross in the 14th century. The archaeologists find the relic and a 'right wing Christian sect denounced by the Archbishop of Canterbury' want to claim it because they believe they are the descendents of the Knights and it is their mission from God to kill Muslims who are invading our Christian land. All Christians in the programme were made out to be crazy nutters with strange beliefs in this Jesus bloke.

Another of the BBC's ways of upholding their anti-Catholic, pro-Islam policy we think.

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Augustine said...

Just watched it now on the BBC's website. I can only describe it as propaganda.

"Religion is the gunpowder of humanity." This is secularist propaganda on state television.