Thursday, July 17, 2008

Orthfully Catholic representation at WYD!

I've come to Oz, not to see the Wizard, but to see the this sweet Christ on earth, the Holy Father.

We arrived in Oz on Thursday the 10th July, and stayed with a wonderful family who welcomed us, and made us part of their home and family. Accepting hospitality is part of pilgrimage, sometimes it is difficult, but it teaches us about the unconditional, gratuitous love of God.

On Monday we left that diocese, and our host family, travelling a short trip down to Sydney, where the main events are being held.

Being here in Sydney is a wonerful experience of the Church, both for us pilgrims and all Sydneysiders. I'd like to reflect a little on this experience.

Being here, at the largest gathering of youth in the world (also the largest gathering of people in the history of Australia) is a deeply moving experience. All these young people, who have given time and money to come here, from far far away, are not here for just a holiday, but they have come for an experience, an encounter with Christ, which the Holy Father is sharing with them. For many, if not all, this experience will be a life changing event, they may desire to spend more time in adoration, or a greater love for Our Lady, or, even find their life's calling, dedicating themselves to the service of God, for the rest of their life.

This event is showing me the true universality of the Church. We have been greeted and welcomed by the original owners of this land, the aboriginals. We have experienced their rich culture and seen how the Gospel has been incorporated, but not deminished, in their traditions.

Finally, the theme of the experience is the Holy Spirit "I will make you witnesses". This is the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit, and we pray that the Holy Spirit works in the lives and hearts of these young people!

Please join us spiritually here in Australia, through prayer and faithful love of the Holy Father!

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