Wednesday, July 23, 2008

News Miscellany

Orthfully Catholic would like to say goodbye to John Paul who has returned from Lourdes and decided to close down Mad Trad. We will continue to pray for John Paul's vocation and hope he will continue to read this blog.

It seems Archbishop Kelly made the fatal mistake of presenting his plan to turn an ailing parish into a personal parish for the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite to his Council of Priests who naturally turned the idea down. This is a great injustice to Holy Mother Church, the Archdiocese of Liverpool and the many members of Christ's Mystical Body who would have made great use of such a parish.

And last but not least: Orthfully Catholic would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Fr Sean Riley, an avid reader of this blog, on his recent ordination. We are sorry we couldn't make it to the Ordination but we will make up for it next time we meet (in exchange for a first blessing naturally).

God Bless you all,

The Seminarians


Jackie Parkes said...

Yes many congratulations to Fr Sean!

Anonymous said...

The Archbishop of Liverpool did not make a fatal mistake but acted correctly according to the Code of Canon Law and presented his proposal to the Council of Clergy. Yes the plan was rejected by 18 votes against, 2 for. The Clergy of the ARchdiocese obviously feel thqat it is not appropriate to turn this parish into a centre for the extra-Ordinary Form. For your edification I am concluding with the email sent by the Archdiocese to the clergy asking for their opinions.

In accordance with the requirements of Canon 515$2 the archbishop wishes to consult the Council about the following intention:

That the territory of the parish of St Vincent, Liverpool, be annexed to the Cathedral parish, and that St Vincent's thereupon cease to be a separate parish.


1. There is no statutory quorum for attendance at the Council of Priests, but most members of the Steering Committee are expected to attend, as they have other agenda to address as soon as the general meeting ends.

2. As this is a consultative exercise, all priests working in the diocese, whether named representatives of their Pastoral Areas or not, are welcome to attend, and/or to submit written observations to the Secretary (Mr P Heneghan at LACE) in advance of the meeting.

3. Pastoral Area Leaders could profitably take soundings among local priests with a view to making a corporate submission from their area.

4. The archbishop's intention is to create a new City Centre Pastoral Area (Pastoral Area 25) which would embrace the specialised ministries of the Cathedral, the Royal Liverpool Hospital, the University Chaplaincy and the Blessed Sacrament Shrine with the addition of the church of St Vincent.

5. St Vincent's church would be reserved for the celebration of liturgy in the "Extraordinary Form" (cf "Summorum pontificum" 2007), in the care of Fr Simon Henry.

6. Fr Henry's status would be that of Assistant in the Cathedral parish, but his accommodation would be in St Vincent's.

7. St Vincent's church would no longer be used – except in special circumstances – for Masses in the "Ordinary Form". St Vincent's present parishioners would become members of the Cathedral parish.

8. Bishop Malone will advise the parishioners of St Vincent's about this consultation at the 6.30pm Mass there on Saturday 12 July.