Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ancient tablet 'casts doubt on the Resurrection'

So declared yesterday's Times (p35), and this time it isn't referring to The Tablet.

Professor Israel Knohl has apparently found a three foot tablet of stone on the Eastern bank of the Dead Sea bearing the story of 'Gabriel's Vision of Revelation' written in ink four years before the birth of Christ. The story is that of Simon who received a vision of the Archangel Gabriel telling him he would be killed by the Romans and rise again three days later.

Professor Knohl has therefore come to the conclusion that Jesus and His disciples would have known about this story and used it for their own propaganda. Apparently Jesus told four of His disciples to write biographies of His life ending with His death and resurrection.

So brethren we can all relax and spend Sundays doing the garden because it has now been definitively proved that the Resurrection of Our Lord is a hoax. This is not the first time Professor Knohl has expounded this theory, it first came to light in his 2002 book The Messiah Before Jesus and this is his ultimate proof that the theory is fact. The owner of the tablet is said to be excited about the theory though 'not entirely convinced'.


Victoria said...

Check out EWTN live with Fr Pacwa's interview with Fr Robert Spitzer SJ who was talking about a new programme of his on EWTN. In the course of the interview Fr Spitzer mentioned a book by N T Wright about the Resurrection of Jesus in which he used extra biblical sources. Wright contrasts the judaic traditions of resurrection with the Christian tradition. I can't do justice to the interview so you can check it out here

Jackie Parkes said...

Strange ideas!